Custom VOTE Petite Crew

1. Color
2. Size
XS S M L Sizing


100% Superfine Merino Wool

Made in Italy

Embroidered in NYC

Dry Clean/Hand Wash

A sweater designed to encourage people to head to the polls!

Let's Get Personal

No matter which candidate you ultimately decide to cast your ballot for or against, it's important to exercise your right and get your voice heard. Le Lion's VOTE sweater was designed to encourage you to get out and VOTE and to inspire others to do the same. $25 from the sale of each sweater will go to Common Cause. Common Cause, is a nonpartisan citizens advocacy group that is fighting to ensure that every adult American has easy access to the ballot and that every vote is counted as cast. It works to strengthen laws that protect voting rights, make voting systems secure, reliable and verifiable, and ensure that every voter has an equal say in elections.