The Lion's Den

How To Care For Your Sweaters

Laura shares the best way to wash and care for your Le Lion sweaters.

 The best way to wash and care for your Le Lion sweaters:

  1. Fill sink, tub or with cold water and add detergent. Not a lot of detergent necessary. I use tide because I love the classic clean laundry smell, but any detergent that isn’t super strong should be ok.

  2. Place your sweater into the cool water and submerge it. Leave it to soak for a couple of minutes. Be conscious of the embellishment so it isn’t in a crumbled ball.

  3. Gently swirl around the sweater in the soapy water. Be sure to not stretch the fabric too much while doing so.

  4. Empty the sink and refill with cold water to rinse.

  5. Gently swirl the sweater around in the clean water to rinse out all the soap.

  6. Empty the sink again and gently press the sweater to remove the excess water

  7. Lay the sweater out on a large, thick towel (be careful not to stretch it). Gently roll the towel the way you would a yoga mat, pressing to remove moisture.

  8. Unroll and lay on a new dry towel on a flat surface. Reshape the sweater (arms spread, align buttons etc). Let it dry for several hours and then flip it over on a new dry towel.

  9. Use a steamer if necessary (avoiding any embellishment)

  10. Et voila! A clean, fresh sweater that will last and last.