The Story

In 2017 the stars aligned...
Le Lion was born out of a passion for personalization reminiscent of a bygone era and the desire to reestablish what it means to dress with individual sparkle.  Drawing inspiration from the stars above, I dreamed up a collection that celebrates our shared connection to astrology and our respective journeys around the sun.  Using the finest Italian yarn, and knitted in classic, wearable silhouettes, Le Lion sweaters are adorned with embroidered interpretations of traditional heraldry and personalized with whimsical monograms and zodiac constellations.

At Le Lion, I hope to offer an alternative to "fast-fashion" - luxurious knits that are everlasting, rooted in timeless techniques and personal to each woman who wears them.

Le Lion Founder, Laura Gelfand

The Lion

The lion has always been something that has felt special and personal, basically my spirit animal!  My zodiac sign is Leo, my sweet King Charles Spaniel’s name is Leo and I’ve always loved everything the lion (or lioness) represents including pride, majesty, strength, and courage.  All of these are qualities I want women to feel in general and, of course, when wearing Le Lion sweaters.

There is a lot about the lion's representation throughout history and in different cultures that embodies so much of the Le Lion aesthetic.  The lion is traditional in many ways but also incredibly whimsical - two characteristics that this brand is rooted in.  Most pertinent to the brand is the lion’s role in traditional heraldry and astrology – two things that have and will continue to inform all aspects of the brand.   In traditional heraldry, the lion is a common emblem symbolizing courage, nobility and valor.  In astrology, the lion is representative of the Leo zodiac sign symbolizing light, passion, and strength.

Inspiration images of lions in art, traditional heraldry and astrology